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HR Brew Readers:

See the System Designed to Help You Solve Your Biggest Recruiting and HR Challenges

Thursday, June 15th from 1:00PM – 2:00PM EDT


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ClearCompany Guided Platform Tour & Open House

Join our virtual open house, where our product experts will showcase award-winning tools thousands of HR practitioners use every day to maximize talent. Skip the sales call and dive into a first-hand experience of our people-focused tools for Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement and Performance Management, and Analytics.

  • HR automation with best practices: Explore our modern tools that enable team collaboration via text, Slack, video, and more. We pair these tools with strategic best practices and pre-built templates to ensure you automate the best possible strategy. 
  • Tools for a job-specific approach: ClearCompany is the only platform tailored to the unique roles that drive your business forward. From hiring and onboarding to ongoing engagement and retention, see how the right system can help you ensure focus on the experiences, skills, and values that drive success.
  • Turning HR Data into a competitive advantage: See the pre-built HR reports you need to make informed decisions. Our product expert will show you how our analytics tools support decision making, track DEIB and demographic dynamics, manage recruiting workflows, identify top performers, and more.