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Use the Effective Headcount
Approach to Reach Sales Goals

ClearCompany data shows that Effective Headcount helps sales teams smash quotas.


ClearCompany’s Effective
Headcount Report

Empower sales teams to reach their targets with better headcount planning.

Did you know HR can directly influence sales teams’ productivity? Preparing for turnover helps sales teams reach their targets — but most companies are using methods that are proven to fail. New data from ClearCompany shows that our Effective Headcount Approach changes that.

By accounting for periods of low productivity among new hires, anticipating turnover, and investing in your workforce, your sales team can hit 95% of their quotas — 100% of the time. Not to mention the myriad other benefits of accurate headcount planning: 

  • Helps identify and close skills gaps
  • Decreases turnover
  • Saves money and time spent on hiring and training costs


Dive into the data, our research and testing methodology, and learn how to apply the Effective Headcount Approach at your organization in ClearCompany’s Effective Headcount Report.