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The 2024 Recruiting Trends
Shaping ATS Software

Hiring is evolving, and so should your tools.


2024 Recruiting Trends Guide

An ATS Designed for 2024 and Beyond

Expectations are high for talent acquisition teams in 2024. You need to streamline your hiring process, create an unforgettable candidate experience, and stay in sync with cutting-edge tech trends. But how do you know your ATS can keep up? 

With our new guide for 2024, you can learn what makes an ATS both cutting-edge and consistent. We explore what’s impacting the development of new ATS tools and what to look for in a lasting software solution. 

Get the guide to learn more about these top trends and how they’re impacting ATS:

  • Widespread use of AI and automation
  • Candidates’ and employees’ desire for more personalized experiences
  • The need to support remote and hybrid workforces
  • Maintaining commitments to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB)