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Real-Time Recruiting Analytics


Nearly 200 out of the box recruiting reports, infinite customization options:

You're looking to optimize your hiring process with automated requisition approvals, easy email templates, one-click background checks and an unbeatable candidate screening system. Once all is said and done, will you be able to understand how that optimization is working for you? Our unparalleled recruiting analytics tool will allow you to recruit with confidence. 

Easily visualize hiring metrics

  • Don't leave compliance to chance. Automatically generate Flowlogs, EEO-1, OFCCP reports and more. 
  • Easily focus on job boards and agencies delivering the most qualified candidates. Then, confidently invest your advertising budget.
  • Understand what is driving your time-to-hire with detailed reports designed to highlight, then help you reduce, bottlenecks. 
  • Create unlimited customized reports to align perfectly with your KPIs. 

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