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The Planning Tool For Today's Employment Landscape.

Bring HR and finance together to forecast your workforce and plan for any business cycle.


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Effectively Manage Your Dynamic Workforce

Take advantage of modern workforce planning tools to efficiently align your workforce with future business needs and financial goals.

  • Build departments of A Players with plans that drive business forward.
  • Interactive dashboards paired with graphics create an intuitive process.
  • Track the results of your changes in real time.

Ensure finance, HR and business leaders are aligned.

Build models that forecast talent needs during periods of business expansion or contraction and provide direction for unique actions such as salary cuts and furloughs.

  • Remove doubt from spreadsheet formula accuracy.
  • Publish reports for easy collaboration.
  • Streamline planning collaboration by centralizing information.

Make strategic HR decisions based on financial models.

Help decision makers identify and retain top performers, and plan ahead for essential future hires.

  • Utilize the data from your financial models to make strategic HR staffing plans.
  • Full views of teams and team members allow for compliance considerations like demographics to be factored into workforce planning decisions. 

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