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People Analytics

See Your Company Clearly For The First Time

Unlock Actionable HR Insights

Turn Your People Data Into Your Competitive Advantage

Streamline your view of company data with meaningful insights into your people, structure, and the overall state of your organization.

Pre-Built, Out-of-the-Box Analytics Reports

Reports are standardized for a simplified way to track and manage your organizational health.

Core reports include:

  • Quickly See Pay Equity Gaps

  • Understand Drivers of Employee Turnover

  • Predict Internal Promotions and Role Changes

  • Get a Full View of Gender and Demographics at Your Organization


Align Executives, HR, and Cross-Functional Leaders

Get everyone on the same page with People Analytics. Transparent insights help your leaders quickly spot trends, diagnose problems, and understand talent dynamics company-wide.


Decision Making Support

Make timely, data-driven performance decisions by utilizing controlled data sets, interactive dashboards, drill down capabilities, and data visualizations tools. All of which make it easy to analyze, prove, and present your findings.


Have More Confidence

Quickly adjust and improve the reliability of your org structure. People Analytics syncs with your payroll and HR data in real time, with data quality tools to expose any inconsistencies.


See People Analytics In Action

Reach out today to see how People Analytics can help you see your company more clearly.