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An HR outsourcing firm with a mission to provide customized and high-touch HR solutions to organizations, enabling their growth and creating phenomenal company cultures.

Who is TandemHR

At Tandem HR, we know there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to human resources.

Our custom solutions allow busy business executives to have peace of mind that their employees are offered the best benefits, a safe and compliant work environment, and general HR guidance by a variety of experts. Sharing a full HR department with other small to mid-sized businesses makes this valuable solution affordable to all businesses. Let us expertly handle your payroll processing, benefits administration, safety and compliance, and other essential employee-related tasks so you can spend your time on revenue-generating activities. HR is our expertise. What’s yours?


Features that Pair with ClearCompany


Custom HR Solutions

Let’s develop a custom HR solution for your organization based on your current needs and scale it as you grow.


High-Touch Customer Service

Gain direct access to a full team of HR professionals who act as an extension of your internal teams.


Unbundled Billing

Receive detailed invoice statements every month to fully understand which products and services you are paying for.

Why Integrate TandemHR & ClearCompany


Develop Your Employees.

Utilizing a performance management system, like Tandem Perform, gives your organization the tools needed to cultivate leadership, develop talent, and make compliant employment decisions.


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