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Introducing LinkedIn ATS Integrations
with ClearCompany

Powerful new sourcing and applicant tools for today's competitive hiring climate.

LinkedIn Apply Connect & ClearCompany

The Apply Connect Integration Addresses Key Recruiter and Job Applicant Pain Points:

  • Eliminates the need to switch between LinkedIn Recruiter and ClearCompany ATS to locate applicant data.
  • Saves recruiters time through better source tracking, embedding job applications within LinkedIn and streamlining processes between systems.
  • Reduces friction for job seekers caused by long application processes on multiple platforms.
  • Provides job seekers with real-time updates on their application status to improve the candidate experience.
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LinkedIn Apply Connect Features


Automated Job Posting

Enable candidates to apply without leaving LinkedIn. Application data is sent directly to your ClearCompany ATS.


Informed Applicant Review

Review live LinkedIn skills and profile data relevant to the job and application in ClearCompany.


Best Candidate Experience 

Reduce multi-site application processes and keep candidates informed of their status.

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect & ClearCompany:

Connect ClearCompany with LinkedIn Recruiter to access candidate information, boost collaboration, and view more applicant data in both Recruiter and ClearCompany without having to switch between platforms.

  • Get the same candidate data in both Recruiter and ClearCompany, saving you time and keeping you up to date wherever you’re working
  • View a candidate’s LinkedIn profile with ClearCompany and easily see which candidates are already in ClearCompany from Recruiter
  • See all Recruiter notes and InMail messages in ClearCompany for a complete view of your candidate interactions
  • Automatically create or update a profile within ClearCompany when a candidate responds to an InMail message

LinkedIn Recruiter Connect Features


Save Time

With Recruiter System Connect, everything you need is in one time-saving workflow so you don’t have to switch between two platforms.


Collaborate Efficiently

Now your team can access status and history in Recruiter, so they don’t contact the same person more than once, providing a more positive candidate experience.


Ensure Accuracy

RSC allows you to see up-to-date LinkedIn profiles within your ATS. This prevents erroneous data and allows you to easily differentiate applicants with similar information.

Apply Connect + LinkedIn Recruiter License

Spend Time on People, Not Process

  • Streamline relevant data
    LinkedIn in-house widget including relevant applicant skills.
  • Improve your talent brand
    Applicant notifications are sent on behalf of your company to candidates who submit applications on LinkedIn.com to keep them informed of their current status.
  • Seamlessly post directly to your paid jobs
    Post to company’s Job Slots for job wrapping customers.

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