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Defining the future of business solutions.

Who is ADP

At ADP, we’ve got your back – from helping startups put the right payroll solution in place that easily scales as the company grows to handle all the HR, benefits, and payroll responsibilities for large enterprises and everything in between.

ADP’s Workforce Now® is a comprehensive solution for managing HR, payroll, talent, compliance, and employee benefits. ADP Workforce Now includes payroll processing and tax filing, performance management, compensation management, time and labor management, benefits administration, analytics, and more.



Features that Pair with ClearCompany


Advanced Cloud Technology
Award-winning integrated HCM solutions to support HR and Benefits, Payroll, and Time and Attendance


Dedicated Service Teams
Your premier-level support team is dedicated to your company and will quickly troubleshoot your issues so you never miss a beat. 


ADP Marketplace
ADP has a robust marketplace with 300+ offerings so you can customize your integrated HCM and ERP solution to meet your unique needs. 

Why Integrate ADP & ClearCompany

ADP Workforce Now® is a cloud-based platform, enabling you to easily manage all of your HR functions — payroll, HR management, workforce management, talent, and benefits — from anywhere using your preferred device. ADP Workforce Now delivers a fully scalable, versatile solution backed by the convenience of an all-in-one platform.

As a member of the ADP® Partner Advantage Program, ClearCompany has access to unique solutions and services that allows us to take a holistic approach to accelerate your organization’s success. Because we know your business — and your clients — our ADP Partner team helps us deliver tremendous value. That includes the ADP Advantage, a unique framework to strengthen your technology utilization to drive business outcomes.


ClearCompany Bi-Directional Connector ADP Workforce Now:
Unified Employee Data

Save time by seamlessly transferring and accessing data with the powerful two-way integration between ClearCompany and ADP Workforce Now®.

  • Unify, update and synchronize employee data to create one comprehensive, accurate, HR-friendly system of record for all your people.
  • Automate new hire data transfer to simplify payroll set-up for new employees.
  • Enable more employee data fields to be transferred and shared than any other ADP® talent management integration.
  • Simplify implementation of ClearCompany talent solutions and reduce manual data entry.
  • Easily rehire previous employees and sync the most complete set of employee data across systems.

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