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Paperless Onboarding Simplified

ClearCompany Paperless Onboarding

Reduce administrative overhead and dramatically improve new hire readiness with our automated paperless onboarding software. 

Streamline New Hire Onboarding:

  • No Paper, No Repeats: Eliminate paper, printing and shipping costs and never rekey information or fill out the same form twice again. Our Smart Form Technology and automated sends will save your team 30% of their time. 
  • Intelligent Forms: Reducing errors and saving your new employees time. Our forms learn about your new hiresand pre-fill data from their application, other forms, and resume.
  • Make a Great First Impression: Complete the administrative side of onboarding before day one, and allow your new employees to hit the ground running. 
  • Integrate with Your Other Systems: Seamlessly pass new hire data to your HRIS, ERP, Payroll, benefits or other systems. 

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