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It’s Time for a Mid-Year Performance and Engagement Boost 

Take performance up a notch with a mid-year check-in and frequent feedback conversations.


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Foster Engagement and Productivity With Mid-Year Reviews

Did you know that talking about performance more often is one of the best ways to motivate, engage, and support your employees? In addition to mid-year reviews, you can do this by starting performance conversations more often all year long.

Refresh your performance review processes and learn how to give more constructive feedback that actually helps your employees improve with ClearCompany’s Mid-Year Performance Bundle. You’ll find:

  • A checklist to help refresh your review process
  • Tips for preparing for mid-year reviews
  • Best practices and tips for giving constructive feedback
  • Advice on how to ask for and receive feedback from your employees

Download our bundle of mid-year performance management resources now.