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How To: Build, Engage & Grow Your Talent Like a Startup 


58% of workers would be willing to take a 15% pay cut to work for an organization with aligned values. 

62 Pages Full of Insight:

  • 94% of recruiters are utilizing social media in order to find the best people. Learn the best techniques. 
  • Six in 10 companies are using video interviews to connect with tech-savvy candidates on the move. Screen and select smarter for a better candidate experience. 
  • 87% of HR managers admitted they needed to overhaul their employee referral program. Implement a process that works. 
  • Engage, nurture, train and retain your best employees.

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We love Talent Alignment.

At ClearCompany, we believe transparency drives performance. That’s why we are pioneering real-time talent-management tools that work together to align and engage employees, contextualizing their work around a company vision.

Since 2004, our tools have been empowering HR professionals and their management teams by integrating recruiting, onboarding, performance, and goal setting into one interconnected solution.

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