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ClearCompany Tops the Charts

for ATS Excellence

See our latest awards and read reviews from real ClearCompany ATS clients.

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ClearCompany 2022 ATS 

Reviews Report

ClearCompany’s best-in-class Applicant Tracking System outranks its biggest competitors.

With hundreds of five-star ratings and glowing client testimonials, it’s clear why ClearCompany has been granted award-winning excellence for its Applicant Tracking System.

We're making big moves in the talent tech landscape while maintaining a record of refined customer service and innovative, intelligent talent solutions.

In our 2022 ATS Reviews Report, you can:

  • Explore ClearCompany reviews and ratings from top industry leaders
  • Hear honest feedback from real ClearCompany ATS clients
  • Discover informative statistics and insights into our company’s growth 
  • See ClearCompany’s recent badges of honor and awards for ATS excellence, customer support, and rapid growth

Download our guide to see why we outrank our competitors with our award-winning customer service and world-class Applicant Tracking System.