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A Better Candidate Experience Starts with ClearCompany

Stay in touch with candidates, hire them faster, and set them up for success with ClearCompany. 


Get the ClearCompany Candidate Experience Reviews Report

Does your candidate experience boost retention and productivity?

Did you know that 50% of job seekers have turned down an offer due to a bad candidate experience? Those aren’t the only outcomes of a poor experience — unsatisfied candidates often ghost companies and can even become brand detractors. Even if they do stick it out, a bad onboarding experience can drive them to quit. 

Great recruiting and onboarding experiences are the difference between cultivating loyal, longtime employees and an engaged pool of past applicants or high turnover rates and brand detractors. 

ClearCompany helps our clients create their own engaging candidate experiences and onboard new hires with ease. Our clients’ real results include:

  • Cutting days off the hiring process
  • Streamlining hiring and onboarding across multiple locations
  • Candidate responses in seconds with ClearText

Get the Candidate Experience Reviews Report to see how our clients have transformed recruiting and onboarding with ClearCompany Talent Acquisition.